Pasta Crafted for Delicious Taste
Dakota Growers’ pasta is made with durum wheat semolina. It cooks up with delicious taste and al dente texture, perfect for all your favorite pasta dishes.

Why Durum Wheat?
Durum wheat is grown specifically for making pasta. It is the hardest of all wheat types and is why our pasta cooks up with a texture that is firm to the tooth. Its amber durum wheat kernel is what gives our pasta its bright golden color. It’s the single ingredient that pasta makers have been using for centuries to ensure the best eating quality. Pastas made with other types of wheat and grains cook up soft and mushy or hard and crunchy.

We source durum grown in the northern plains.
There’s a good reason that our durum mill and pasta plant are based in North Dakota. This region’s “terroir” is necessary for growing durum wheat. The arid climate, sandy-loam soils and long summer days with cool short nights are the perfect growing conditions for durum wheat to thrive. The durum wheat grown in the northern plains is so good that many Italian pasta makers buy it for their own pasta making.