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8th Avenue Pasta leads the way in bringing innovative pastas packed with nutritional value and delicious taste. Dare to compare our nutrition panels to the leading brands and tasting panels.

Available Pastas...

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Pasta made with Cauliflower

NEW! Pasta made with Cauliflower

Kid tested and parent approved. With the look and taste of traditional pasta, our pasta made with cauliflower provides ¼ cup of cauliflower in every pasta serving, plus a good source of fiber.

Legume Pastas

NEW! Legume Pastas

Red Lentil, Yellow Lentil and Chickpea are among our plant-forward pastas available in conventional and organic options.

Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Corn and rice blend for classic taste and texture. Made at a dedicated gluten free facility.

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Whole Grain

Whole Grain Pasta

Made with 51% whole durum wheat and enriched semolina, this is the first pasta to meet USDA whole grain-rich guidelines. Plus, it is lighter color, milder taste and has better texture and cooking quality than other whole grain pastas.

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Whole Wheat

Whole Wheat Pasta

Made with 100% whole durum wheat means that it's also 100% whole grain. Each serving provides an excellent source of fiber and 56g of whole grain.

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Certified 100% Organic

Certified 100% Organic

Made from 100% certified organic durum wheat semolina. 8th Avenue Pasta offers a holistic organic process: fields, durum mill and pasta manufacturing. 100% Whole Wheat/Whole Grain Certified Organic also available.

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